The Latest Jogger Pant Trends For Men

According to jogger pants had gone out of fashion. The study says that the trend for the jogger pants reached a peak in 2014, having started in the first place in 2013. But this is definitely not the case. The jogger pants have lingered on and are here to stay. The recent trends in jogger pants are an indicator of the people’s liking for it. This article is to lift up your spirits.

What the skeptics say

Jogger pants are attractive, cosy and cool for the simple reason that it is a hybrid. While often this is cited as a negative aspect of its identity, this is not the case at all. We can’t forget the original reason for the jogger pants becoming popular.  Now to the argument that is often given. says that the jogger pants were intended to be a sub-cultural trend which means that it was not meant to go to the next level and everybody was not meant to be in it. By what logic does the sub-culture become elitist? Evolution is the new watchword of modern fashion. There is no death to a fashion because it can always come back in a different avatar.


Cult becomes culture

That is exactly what happened with jogger pants. It is true that people also search for alternatives and they always find something or the other. But recent trends in jogger pants show how the new trends of jogger pants are emerging. According to, the jogger pants have expanded to become jeans, formal pants. It is this broadening of the customer base that jogger pants are still in vogue. From being sub-cultural to being a trend-setting product, the journey has been more than difficult. They come in various shapes now which allow you to wear them like jeans and normal pants. So, when the sub-culture product became widely popular, it also came out of the houses on to the streets and now you are less likely to be jibed at if your wear jogger pants in public.

Pick your thing

It is for this reason that joggers have now come to acquire several varieties from where you can pick them. There is always a counter to the argument anyway. People will say that when pinroll jeans have completely replaced the need for jogger pants but recent trends in jogger pants show this urgent need to grow into a replacement for things like pinroll jeans themselves. The reason is plain and simple: comfort. That is the most significant factor when choice is being made on the joggersvs jeans issue. Whether it is the drawstring joggers or the camo joggers or the jersey version, and most importantly whether it is the workplace, the casual evening walk with your girlfriend, or that get together with friends, jogger pants serve you like no other thing.

Comfort all the way

Jogger pants allow you to display the wonderful sneakers that you might be wearing to the basketball court or the tennis shoes that you want people to take notice of. The recent trends in jogger pants then give you an opportunity to pull something off with anything that you are wearing- a polo shirt, a casual t-shirt that you could never have imagined before. The best thing about them is however the comfort that they give you. Now you can go out there whether it is your dreaded and boring workplace or the outings with girlfriend or friends and never worry about what’s going on down there.


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