5 Effective Ways to Beautify Your Blog with Graphics

Without considering the age of your visitors, multimedia is always able to attract their ultimate attraction. Hence, when it comes to the case of blogs, media consist of images and texts. As you might know, image and other media content is always effective in understanding when compared to plenty of text content, which may sound heavy for at least some of your visitors. However, graphical content is always enough for satisfying people, no matter they are normal visitors or geeks or graphics designers.


Nevertheless, you should be much careful while inserting such contents into your blog because a wrong move can affect your blog’s number of visitors, reputation, overall looks etc. Here, let us have a look on some ultra-effective ways for using vector images for your blog. In these ways, we should also keep in mind that user-experience would not get worse when doing such things. Therefore, we are adding some noticeable precautions as well rather than the beautiful behaviour you bring. Before jumping to ways, let me point out why some reasons for adding multimedia content.

  • As we said before, visual media appreciates user-engagement by means of understanding.
  • An image is worth 1000 words – Really, it is.
  • When compared to text or paragraphs, capability of becoming viral is more for multimedia content. Of course, the state of being viral is advantageous to your blog. Isn’t it?
  • Images and other media can be a good source of traffic if you have done proper Search Engine Optimization stuff. In that sense, media can bring thousands or at least hundreds of visitors to your blog. We hope you surely love that increase in traffic.

Now, let us move to those ways, using which you can effectively embed graphical content into your blog for making it beautiful!


As the word implies, infographics is something hybrid of information and graphic, satisfying the rule of understanding, we mentioned above. As mentioned earlier, when compared to text, graphical content is more understandable though text is essential in some cases. Infographics include both text and media in such a way that images get more attraction than text. In addition, each thing explained via words will have enough media content for understanding such as graphs, diagrams etc, especially when talking about surveys or something. Moreover, the point of promoting infographics is that the titles of infographics is always attractive than any kind of blog post you do. Hence, you can force your visitors to click on the link.


When compared to several texts explained, videos are much easier to understand as they include other elements rather than speaking. Hence, you can embed the YouTube channel subscription box or widgets in your blog as well as adding top videos from your channel. These widgets are much useful as well as have the ability to bring more visitors to your blog. You can get videos for your blog from Depositphotos which can help you to present your blog to audience in very efficient manner.

Graphics in Ads

Advertisement banners or borders are something, where you need your visitor to click on the ad rather than viewing it, especially when it comes to click-based advertisement programs. Using some graphics in those advertisement banners can attract more people to click on it. At the same time, you can also embed video content to your blog. However, you should be careful to add click-to-start feature in those video content because an auto-play feature of video can increase load time of your blog and can affect user-experience instantly.


For instance, you can add a specific widget area in your blog, where you may add useful content and illustrations on daily basis. At the same time, you can make use of these illustrations in your usual blog post as well, where the content is a bit hard to understand. You can get vector images for excellent illustrations. We recommend Depositphotos for getting such high quality vector images and illustrations for your blog. Using such illustrations will help your visitors in understanding as well as increasing the number of clicks if you have done proper interlinking processes. In that sense, illustrations in blog is something really enough for a better blog user-group. When compared to normal images, Illustrations can contain more amount of content as they are done based on vector technology; also, you can resize these illustrations for multiple uses.

Models, 360-Degree Views etc

This is useful if you are blogging about different gadgets and newly launched devices, especially review, explaining major stuff in those devices. In most cases, your visitors will be people, who would like to get an extended look on those gadgets. Here, you can elements such as models, 360-Degree views etc. in order to provide a good user-experience rather than listening to single-angle pictures of devices. Of course, this is a good way to beatify.


We have listed top ways for adding graphics content in a beautifying intention, which can also bring tens of other advantages. Do you have any other ways for beautifying your blog? Do let us know your precious opinion.


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