Best Online Shopping Tips and Tricks

Today”s world is the world of online. Now almost everything is on online. Whether you need to buy anything, booking appointment recharges, all can be done online. But one thing that makes many users worried about an online scam. So, today”s article can help you in it.

In this article, we will discuss Online shopping tips and tricks, so just read this article before buying anything. Who knows one tip can save you from the online scam.

Online Shopping Tips And Tricks

#1. Buy Stuff from Familiar Websites only

Always buy stuff from a familiar site like, They almost have all stuff that you need. So, just use these stuff for shopping.

#2. Look For HTTPS

If you are visiting a website for buying anything then first see “HTTPS” on the address bar of that website. Like if you are buying anything on Amazon then get a look at “HTTPS” on the address bar. It should be and also have a green lock.

#3. Always Use Anti-virus

I don”t online shopping but I keep an antivirus on my pc because it protects me online scan and unwanted stuff. So, I”ll recommend you to have an antivirus on your pc. It will protect you from the online scam. There are many antiviruses like Avast, Avira, Kaspersky and Quick heel and many more.


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#4. Use Strong Password

If you doing online shopping then you must have an account on it. What”s that password? I”m asking because if it simple or short then I”ll recommend you to change it and make it a strong password. Hackers can easily hack anyone account if they have a small password.

#5. Don”t use Free Wifi

Never ever use free wifi or public wifi for online transactions. Hackers most favorite place to hack anyone is public wifi. They create a free wifi hotspot and keep an eye on that person who is doing online shopping or online transaction.

#6. Don”t Use Public Computer for Online Transaction

If you don”t have a computer then do it with the phone but never run to your nearest cyber cafe or any place for online shopping or any other transaction. Their owner uses a software that record every key pressed on their keyboard.

#7. Be Careful

It”s okay you do online shopping but don”t share your personal information on the website. Most of the people use their birth date as their password so it makes them easy to guess your password. If it compulsory to put birth date then use give me them a wrong birth date.

#8. Try COD

The best way to be secure online is to try Cash on Delivery facility. Every big online website provides COD facility, just use it and be safe, isn”t it cool?

So, guys, these were few keynote to be safe online by following Online Shopping Tips And Tricks. just pay attention and you will be pro in it. Share your feelings with us about this article, I would love to see your expression on it. All the best for shopping.


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