Facebook Traffic Referral Tips That Actually Works!

Facebook is a great place to build a great audience and connect with your customer very easily. However Facebook being the social media site, often times it is a very difficult job to move people from Facebook to your website or blog. I have seen some very lame posts on how to get traffic from Facebook so I decided to waste my priceless time to write about some actual and obvious tips that are guaranteed to bring visitors to your blog.

1. Don”t buy Facebook fans

This is one of the biggest scam and waste of time method for getting traffic from Facebook Don”t waste your money or time getting likes on your Facebook page. The fans you get in exchange or money are most of the time fake likes or unused account. Facebook often go around and delete such likes and if not most of the user that you have probably has no interest in your actual work and will be ignored.


2. Don”t use Facebook group to promote unless

Facebook doesn”t like the idea of using Facebook groups for marketing or business. Often times you will see groups with thousands of members sharing their posts everyday and none of them care to look at what others have been sharing unless you have something offered for them. The members of the group are always 100% website owners and if they are not your targeted customer, you better not waste your time there.

3. Use image as a promotional tool

The bigger the better, on Facebook For every post or link you share, use a attractive and nice image file attached to it to summarize your post. If possible write titles on the image as well for better chance of getting the attention strong enough to click on the link.

4. Keep your fans entertained

While you are not posting something interesting or in between your posts, to get most out of your Facebook fans you should keep them entertained with funny stuff such as internet meme related to your work. It is shown in many studies that if less people are active on a daily or weekly basis, the less times your share will show up on people”s feed.

5. Facebook giveaway

One of the best way to keep your fans engaged. You don”t have to giveaway everyday to have a great impact or benefit If you mention about giveaway, the fans will make sure to check your posts more often. The more people will be active on your Facebook page, the more traffic you are expected to get.

6. Use Facebook promote system

Facebook has recently introduced Facebook post promote system which isn”t the most favorite way of promoting for most people. However, this promotion actually works often better than some of the previous steps. Only catch is that you have to pay money to reach more people. When you post on your Facebook page, you will see on right about promotional offers. You can choose promoting on number of people starting with $5 to promote the following post. Don”t use it on every posts you create. The most interesting and more important posts can worthy enough to be promoted with money.

7. Share and re-share

Just like twitter, repeating and re-sharing often helps. But don”t go overboard with this one. Avoid re-posting on groups with similar people or if you already have higher percent of people viewed the post previously. Based on what you are going for, you can try re-sharing in Facebook daily twice or few times weekly to get most out of your Facebook fans. Different time of the day are more suitable for different customer to be seen your posts on their feed.

That are the best ways you can gain traffic to you site from Facebook. Tell me about these methods and if you have any other suggestion in the comment section below.


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