Impact of Facebook on Teens

In today’s world, Facebook is becoming an integral part of every teenager life. We all know children”s and teens are giving much concern to the internet and social media. Most of the time spending on the internet just to research and learn something. No doubt, Facebook helps to stay connected with friends and relatives for just to build a better relationship.

Usually, Facebook is better but sometimes it may affect badly. Generally, there are two aspect either it is positive or negative. In this post, we will discuss both the aspect in a very effective manner. According to the survey most of the teens are giving 8 hours a day to use Facebook and other social sites.

Following are the points which will clearly show you to how Facebook is responsible for gaining positive and negative effect in regards to teens:-

Positive impact

Below points must be a concern with teen life in a positive manner.


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  • Obtain of thoughts: Facebook is very much responsible for teens to build such positive thoughts in mind. It is quite an attractive fact that teens use such social networking sites to learn, to build thoughts, to communicate with others. Positive mindset always gives us a positive environment.
  • Knowledge about technology: It gives a positive impact on teens by helping and gaining such knowledge about digital marketing and technology. Normally Facebook helps to provide such opportunity for users to explore their ideas and implement in their life. Now a day’s teens want much FB Post likes to use technology in an effective manner.
  • Boost Vocabulary: As per Facebook features, it might be responsible for teenagers for boosting vocabulary and increase an English mentality. All we know that Facebook has default language, i.e., English. According to the research most of the time people use the English language to improve their skills.
  • Build self-identity: hence tens must want to become popular. We all know what the mindset of today”s teen is. They all want to be popular through getting more likes. If you are looking to buy such original likes, then you must consider They can provide a better and attractive like for teens. we all know that teens all want to become higher among all
  • Interactions: Better and useful interaction may result positive. Interaction refers to the word from better education. There is a better feature provided by them is teaching in a live manner. Interact experts and make them useful in life.
  • For education: Education plays an important role in every individual life. That’s why people are coming much forward to educate, to learn something new, and to fulfill their desires.
  • Feels positive for others: No doubt, better knowledge, and useful information leads to a better stage. As a result, Facebook is helpful for kids to improve skills as well as feel them much positive
  • Improvement in skills and innovative ideas: These are better for all teens for improvement in skills and build many innovative ideas. As per parents points of view, they all want to make your children’s very successful in life. That’s why they are responsible for using gadgets at an early age. To know about technology and live like that.

Negative impact

Following are the points which clearly shows the negative impact of Facebook on teen life

  • Lead to changeable behavior: It is quite a fact that sometimes Facebook is responsible for changing the behavior of kids. If we are talking about negative impacts, then we must focus what our child is doing on the internet.
  • Aggressiveness: Using too much Facebook, it automatically leads to aggressiveness. Giving so much time to social media does impact on life very badly. Aggressiveness is held when the user is much attractive to using mobiles and the internet.
  • Bad for eyes: It is very true that excessive use may harm teens eyes. Not only for teens but this is advice for all to not to use such mobiles and laptop much because it directly impacts on eyes as well as the brain.
  • Addiction: Using too much Facebook, it surely leads to addiction. There is no denying the fact that addiction may harm our body as well as our future. Make sure if any work is done in the limit, the result will come surely in a positive manner.
  • Increasing in weight: Consuming more and more time to facebook very much leads to increased weight. Kids and teens usually give much more time hence result in much negative in nature.
  • Laziness: having much sitting and bad habits may result in laziness to them. we all know that children are becoming much far from playing outdoor games


Ultimately these above points make sure a positive as well as the negative phase of a teen”s life. Somehow these above points clearly show the impact of Facebook in every individual teen.

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