Tips To Keep Your Android Device Safe From Threats And Malwares

Android is the leading smartphone operating system in the tech market, right now with the most of the readers of this post, owning an Android smartphone. Now with the Android smartphone offering an open platform for the people to develop applications, thus provides people to earn money by developing application using the free Android tools provided by Google.

But there is a disadvantage of the open platform of the Android. Some people target the security of the smartphones to access the owner’s personal information by developing the malwares.


For the newbies, let me introduce the term ‘Malware’ which means harmful software, which effect the functioning of the device by introducing bugs and errors. So, after buying a costly smartphone, the people must take care about the security of the smartphone to be protected from the malwares.

In this post, I have shared the necessary tips and precautions to keep your Android smartphone safe.

Antivirus and Anti-Malware applications

Most of the people do not install the antivirus for the phones and tablets, thinking that the smartphones could not be effected from the malwares. However, according to my views, every Android customer should install an antivirus application for his/her mobile, which would atleast keep your mobile protected from threats. It is the first step of the user towards his android smartphone protection. Some of the working and useful anti-malware applications are BitDefender and Avast Mobile Security. The others like Quick Heal, Dr. Web and AVG are equally useful.

Study before installing an application

The highest level of threats and malwares are introduced into the smartphone by careless installation of applications from unknown publishers. Since, the Android smartphone is open source, a lot of malware effected applications are available in the Google Play Store.

So, you may take a look over the application publishers and then take a step forward to click on the Install button, when you find the application to be safe enough. One can close its eyes to install the applications from the top developers of the Android market.

The examples of some top developers of Android OS are Rovio Mobile Ltd, Google, MiniClip, Alphanso Labs, Zepto Labs etc. The top developers have to maintain their quality and thus they themselves avoid the threats and malwares from their applications.

During the study of the publishers, you may also have a look on the permissions of the applications. If the permissions are as per the application’s use, then only go for installing the application. The if a Notes or memo application requires permission to go through the memory card, so you must neglect the application.

Users Reviews play bigger role

The person shall first have a quick look on the application reviews given by the users in the comment section. The users’ reviews help a very definite idea about the application. I prefer to choose the user reviews of the same device that you own. This will help you to have virtual view about the features of the application, its bugs and the errors.
One shall never judge the application according to the stars ratings of the application as the stars have really no definition. It is the users application, which would be beneficial for your smartphone protection.

Avoid 3rd party applications

Sometimes, one refers to the third party websites to download the .apk files for a specific application to his/her smartphone for the reason that it would cost nothing instead of some charges on the Google Play software. The APK files bring malwares to your device, which can thus access your device’s relevant personal information. So, you should be reluctant in choosing third party applications.

Lookout Anti-Virus Alert

This is an effective way to keep your Android device safe as this application would generate and automatic alert with the malware type with an option to Quarantine or Ignore options, when a threat or a virus or a non-relevant executable file is detected.

So, the above methods are really effective. In the other case, if you too know some more ways to keep Android smartphone safe, then make us know by commenting below.


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