Can Apps Outdo Computers: A complete analysis and the Implication of apps on financial markets

It is one of the most intrigued questions of our times and people for years have pensively thought if smartphones were really going to catch up with computers while the features are seemingly increasing, the absolute sublime pace of computers does seem to be very elusive for the smartphones –at least for the time being.  But then, the same does not hold good in all the segments, there are some whereby the apps are doing a fine job and even outperforming the computers. One such field is the one of the financial markets.


A typical computer outperforms apps in the field of speed, but then apps have caught up with it. Since a number of resources that an investor needs to execute a trade is very limited, an app comfortably makes it possible for any stock market investor to get the trade executed at the same level of speed – and now even faster than desktop. Many companies like India Infoline use top class infrastructure to make sure that apps do work well on the smartphone.


Cost of usage

: In the typical desktop, there are three costs of usage – first the cost of acquisition, cost of running it and then the cost of adding resource like the internet. Compare that to the versatility of smartphone, and the cost of running the internet on it. It is much lesser than the former. It is one of the leading reasons why apps are really doing well compared to desktop software, besides regular update of both operating system and the app is a huge challenge.


: When it comes to computers, the software engineers have a limited framework, they can’t tweak your experience just because the screen size is huge and getting feedback is difficult. The converse is true with the apps. Here, developers can analyze user behavior and shift options as per user behavior. It is one of the biggest advantages that apps have over the computers.

Streamlined Information

: In a desktop software you are ought to get confused, because of the overwhelming number of options, as a result, you might not find something that is related to the company that you are interested in. apps do a better job here by putting up just about everything in one place. Once a user clicks on the script. It takes them to the screen which only tells them about that particular stock.


: We don’t keep computers with us 24*7, so any price trigger would be of no use to a typical investor who takes a break from computers and go out to work. News like circuits, happenings in financial markets etc would be inaccessible to them until they return to their computers. So this devoid them of opportunity – versus someone who can afford to get glued to their computer for all the times. Apps have bridged that too.

The verdict is clear, as far as the financial markets are concerned, apps are doing way better than computers and the trend is likely to continue.


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