High Rise Apartments in the Suburbs of New Delhi

The realty business in Delhi is most happening than any other metro cities in India. This is because; it is a political center, industrial place and place for IT hubs. Many national across from other state come to Delhi for better earning and job opportunities. Initially they try to live in rental accommodation and try to own a dream home in Delhi or property in Noida. This is the dream of middle class people too. However, this is different when comes to business class people and NRI’s. Their interest is of investments in Delhi properties. The buying and selling of Delhi apartments is a happening business in realty of Delhi suburbs. Due to lack of land and demand for housing, the government has permitted to build many high-rise residential projects in the suburbs of Delhi. You can find them in online for the upcoming high-rise apartment projects, completed projects and plans for new residential projects in the Delhi suburbs.

Best Location for High-rise Apartments in Delhi

The high-rise apartment projects are in many phases in the areas of RK Puram, Gurgaon, Narela, Sarojini Nagar, Noida, Ghaziabad, Kidwai Nagar, Greater Noida, Moti Bagh, Yamuna Expressway, Netaji Nagar, Dwaraka, Rohini and Lodhi Road. The permit given to build floors is up to 40 floors and top height of these building is 480 feet as of now in residential type. The skyline dreams are just years to come, since there are many projects under construction. The estimate is these new projects can provide 25 lacs more homes availability in Delhi suburbs.


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Why People Prefer High-rise Apartments

There are many reasons why a person chose to buy a high-rise apartment as his or her dream home.

  • The city view from the top floors is a dream for many. It will be pleasant to stay here and watch the city in the night beautifully.
  • Good airflow continuously and presence of ample natural light will save of electricity bills.
  • The summer season do keeps you cool when you are above 20 floors or above 100 meters of height. This is because of the presence of good airflow, which is not hot.
  • Lack of residential property in Delhi is one of the major causes to make shift to high-rise apartments.
  • When thousands of people live in a building, definitely its surrounding areas will have all other amenities to serve the community like shopping complex of multipurpose etc.
  • The year-to-year value does increase for these properties due to peoples demand to buy top floors as their dream homes.
  • These are best to buy as investments and rent them or sell them when they reach your expected rate of returns.
  • Free from sound pollution
  • Most of the high-rise apartments are of modern type. They are available as luxury apartments and fully furnished apartments.

Points to Ponder before you Select Top Floors in High-rise Apartments

  • Firstly, know the high-rise building is frame as per Earthquake resistance. Since, North India is prone to minor earthquake frequently.
  • See how far civic amenities are good, so that you will not spend extra for water and sanitary block repairs.
  • Fire safety is what you must mostly check while residing in top floors. Since any fire mishap in ground and middle floors, the fire and smoke naturally rise up.
  • Is the high-rise building having emergency evacuation ways?
  • They are having proper place for HVAC system, communication supports.
  • Check the building has lightening strike termination devices.
  • See there is ample vehicle parking places in basement and outer area of the building.

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