Phone Tapping Software Has Worked Wonders with My Restaurant

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am a chef that owns a small Lebanese food place. It’s a tiny little place, but I spent all of my savings to open it. I make most of my buck from hungry college students that want food delivered at their dorm rooms. So other than the obvious cost of ingredients to make the food, my other big operations cost is that of delivery folk. Right now, I’ve got 5 people working for me that make the rounds around town to deliver food. They are good people, and I like to think of myself as an easy boss. However, after I had an unfortunate incident, I had to switch up my management style. That is precisely when I discovered the phone tapping software.

The Incident that Changed it All

Up until last year, I used to have 7 employees instead of 5 to make the deliveries. Because I’m new to the whole business, I wasn’t quite up to speed with conducting background checks and such. Besides, I thought the employees would only have to deliver the food. There can’t be much that goes wrong. But that was before two of my employees went behind my back and did something rather annoying. We had a big order for a party in a college town. These two employees took the food to them, but instead of taking the money and coming back, they decided to join the party and give the food away for free.

I suppose it was my fault in part too, because those two were college students themselves. And as I were to later find out, they hadn’t been able to keep a job for more than 3 months in the past.

What is Phone Tapping App?

But that was the incident that made me realize I need to step it up with my management. And so I went online and bought Xnspy, the phone tapping software I was telling you about earlier.

Basically, what xnspy does is that it installs into the target device and moves to the background functions. This means it is undetectable and does not interfere with regular activates. But at the same time, it records all those activities and uploads them onto the online control panel, which is visible only to the manager. I have been using it ever since I went through that experience and I’m telling you, my overall management has definitely gotten a lot better. And that’s simply because I am in the know rather than in the dark.

How Do I Use it in My Restaurant?

So Xnspy has got location tracker, which means I can find out exactly where my employees are at any given moment. This is pretty helpful for these reasons:

  • My employees can’t get lost—I’ll tell them where to go if they lose the way
  • I’ll be able to tell customers exactly where their order is along the way
  • I’ll be able to ensure no funny business takes place
  • I can cut back on gas money by helping them choose the best routes

Xnspy phone tapping software has done wonders for my little restaurant. May be it would help you too?


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