Asus ET2040IUK All in One Computer

Typically we are used to seeing bulky desktop computers with a fat display, and a CPU housing the sensitive parts of your computer. Now as we are heading towards a more compact living, studio apartments getting popular and so do the office cubicles, we need an effective solution to save up space in computing as well. All in one type computers have been around for a while and Asus had some previous generations as well, but did you see one with a battery backup? Asus ET2040IUK comes with additional battery backup so that you can move your computer around your workplace in case you need it, without turning it off and losing your current work.


The battery feature is indeed highly useful. This ET2040IUK AIO computer is only 19 inches wide, how about you feel like moving it to another room just like a laptop? Or an accidental tripping on the power outlet could disconnect the plug, in that case you don’t need to worry about losing the ongoing project you were working on. Unless you experience it, it’s hard to believe how a battery backup can make life much easier even for a desktop computer.

The display is bright and clear. There’s an adjustable back stand that can give you a comfortable angle of working. To make the working experience even better, Asus has implemented a new intuitive gesture feature that can detect your hand movements using the on board webcam from as far as 5 meters. Even though gestures are more practical for tablets and not a desktop computer like this, we still loved the features since we could take our hands off the mouse for a while.


Connectivity is very well taken care of in the Asus ET2040IUK computer. Since it’s an all in one computer, naturally you are going to need more USB ports. Asus have placed two USB 2.0 and three USB 3.0 ports in a row, easily accessible and very much usable. There’s an HDMI output as well, just in case you need a bigger display output.

The computer comes in two processor variants, a Pentium Quad Core and a Celeron Dual Core version. It has a 2 GB RAM and a 1 TB internal storage.


This desktop sells for Rs. 25,000 in most shops and online stores, and it’s often on discounts as well. Check for ongoing offers for the best price. For more detailed review on the Asus ET2040IUK, you could take a look on the official video.


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