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The Graph Search on Facebook received an update recently and everyone seems to be talking about it. The update that has been made will enable the users to view status updates, conversations etc based on a certain topic. You just need to type in the keywords relating to the topic and you will be able to view most of what’s being discussed on Facebook germane to the same. This is not all, as the new update will enable the users to view conversations or posts that have been made by them during a particular time span. This enables you to search all the happenings on your friend’s account by simply typing in the time span that you need to check.


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This new update has been made so that Facebook is more supportive to the real time conversations that happen on the site, similar to its main competitor that is the micro-blogging site, which is Twitter. Each time there is an event going on, there will be conversations that go on regarding the event and a user can go through all the discussions that are happening on the site pertinent to the topic/event. This is possible even if the topic is not on top of the News Feed. The user has the option about discussing an event after finding a relevant discussion about the same and is able to post comments on the conversation. This feature of the Google Graph Search makes it one step ahead of Twitter.

The social networking site is trying to add some live media to their site and partner with them, so that they can successfully promote this recent feature of theirs. Regarding the same, they have made a deal with FOX entertainment and will try to publicize the same during the upcoming NFL and Basketball league matches.

The other features that have been added by Facebook are searchable hash-tags and verified accounts. This makes the process of running searches regarding a specific topic much easier for the user.

The features that have been mentioned above have not yet been made available to the users according to the company spokesperson The feature will be put to test in the time to come and then will be made use of more extensively in the near future.


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