How Voxweb App is Changing Our Lives: Expert Review

Voxweb app has been around for quite some time, and it has changed a lot of things as we know them. Yash Mishra, whose ambitious team is heading the Voxweb project, has decided to make this technology available for everyone at no cost. It is one of the most promising apps of our times and there is every reason that you should know this app.


Voxweb can be downloaded from either app store or google play from apple and android devices for free of cost. Currently, it is available only on app version – pretty much like Instagram. There is no capping for the usage, capturing etc. All you need is a smartphone and you are set to use the app.


lets you take pictures from the app, and then lets you add an 11-second audio to it. There is a reason why Voxweb has kept the slot limited to 11 seconds. Just like ads, any emotion can be perfectly added in an 11-second roll. It is much easier to work with the app the app this way.  The app has a minimalist interface and a sleek user interface, providing a smooth user experience.


Although you are not likely to face any problems with Voxweb, if you do, they have a support that reverts immediately. In this phase of their growth, they are prompt for just about anything that relates to speaking pictures. The users that have written to the company for just about anything have got a swift and satisfactory response.


Voxweb seamlessly integrates with a wide range of platforms. That includes social media platforms like life. It should find integration on popular social media networks. But at this point, they are just working to see how soon they can introduce this feature.


Speaking pictures are differentiated with the normal ones by the orange line. Orange line signifies that the picture is an audio picture and the user can tap on it to play the message.

Memory usage

The pictures do not take up a lot of memory. It is optimized for its format and makes sure that it accounts for only as much of memory as a typical picture. The pictures can be shared to anyone in the contact list, and even if you are on the mobile network, you would incur almost the same data charge as you would while accessing a phone.

Future plans

Voxweb intends to get a lot of people to the bandwagon and have them explore the new world of image sharing. By doing so, they would set an unprecedented record of taking over the fine niche that always wanted a video but in that of an image’s bandwidth. There is a possibility that out of hundreds of millions of photos that are uploaded a major chunk could be replaced by the audio images.

Voxweb app is very promising and so looks its growth trajectory. Even in the most modest terms, it would pave the way to a new life brimming of speaking images.


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